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Bylo nalezeno 1353 titulů. Seřazeno podle normalizovaného hodnocení sestupně. Pokud si chcete některou z uvedených e-knih vypůjčit, klikněte na její název. Na další stránce naleznete odkazy do katalogů zapojených knihoven.

Helen Hunt Jackson: Letters from a Cat. Klikněte pro více informací.

1. Letters from a Cat
Helen Hunt Jackson

Nakladatel: Saga Egmont
Rozsah: 24 stran
EAN: 9990003841902
Kategorie: Beletrie pro děti • Dětská literatura • Čtení pro nejmenší
Anotace: ‘Letters from a Cat’ by Helen Hunt Jackson is an adorable, sweet and funny children’s book of fictional letters written by a cat to her owner. A young girl, named Helen goes away on a long trip with her father, and while she’s away, she receives this collection of letters written to her by her beloved pet, a cat. Helen Hunt Jackson was an American poet and writer. She also became an activist on behalf of Native Americans, pushing to improve the treatment of Native Americans by the government of the United States of America. Jackson wrote about the impact of government actions on Native Americans in her history book, ‘A Century of Dishonour’. While her novel, ‘Romona’ was a fictionalised account of the federal government\’s mistreatment…

TThunDer Animation: Rainbow Chicks - Self-Confidence - Be Your Unique Self. Klikněte pro více informací.

2. Rainbow Chicks - Self-Confidence - Be Your Unique Self
TThunDer Animation

Nakladatel: Saga Egmont
Rozsah: 25 stran
EAN: 9990003841858
Kategorie: Beletrie pro děti • Dětská literatura • Čtení pro nejmenší
Anotace: Learn how to be yourself with your good friends the Rainbow Chicks! Four new, exciting stories: Berry\’s Trouble, An Egg with Legs, A Dark Cloud and Violet’s Trouble. These stories help children to get to know themselves, appreciate their unique identities, establish self-confidence, and foster an optimistic outlook. Through heart-warming stories, you experience the growth process of the Rainbow Chicks, by focusing on six EQ themes: emotional intelligence, sense of responsibility, self-confidence, problem-solving ability, social skills and concentration. The stories guide children to embrace their emotions, care for, respect and tolerate others and take initiative to solve problems. Seven chicks are living on Cloud Island - it\’s paradise! Each…

Alexander Dumas ml.: The Page of the Duke of Savoy. Klikněte pro více informací.

3. The Page of the Duke of Savoy
Alexander Dumas ml.

Nakladatel: Saga Egmont
Rozsah: 739 stran
EAN: 9990003957610
Kategorie: Romantika, erotika • Česká a světová literatura • Světová literatura • Klasická literatura • Historické romance • Historické romány
Anotace: Often referred to as the sequel to \’The Two Dianas,\’ \’The Page of the Duke of Savoy\’ tells the story of the Duke of Savoy and his mysterious page. The Duke decides to fight the French at the Battle of St. Quentin, with potentially disastrous consequences. In typical Dumas style, this story is rife with political intrigue, double identities, and swashbuckling swordplay.However, at its heart, this is a historical romance which shows the lengths people will go to for love. A real page-turner for fans of Dumas and those who want an introduction to his work.

Alexander Dumas ml.: The She-Wolves of Machecoul. Klikněte pro více informací.

4. The She-Wolves of Machecoul
Alexander Dumas ml.

Nakladatel: Saga Egmont
Rozsah: 500 stran
EAN: 9990003957337
Kategorie: Česká a světová literatura • Romantika, erotika • Historické romány • Romantika • Napětí, dobrodružství • Světová literatura
Anotace: Set against the backdrop of the Paris Uprising of 1832, \’The She-Wolves of Machecoul\’ is dripping with political intrigue, sinister plots, and knuckle-cracking villains. However, at its heart, the story is a romantic one, focusing on the fortunes of the eponymous she-wolves, Mary and Bertha. While the plot to establish a new monarch unfolds, Mary and Bertha are both smitten with Baron Michel Logerie. But is the Baron all that he seems, or does he have ulterior motives? Filled with thrills, secrets, and historical detail, ´The She-Wolves of Machecoul´ is a superb adventure story, which will surely delight fans of Dumas\’ other works.

Alexander Dumas ml.: Robin Hood the Outlaw. Klikněte pro více informací.

5. Robin Hood the Outlaw
Alexander Dumas ml.

Nakladatel: Saga Egmont
Rozsah: 151 stran
EAN: 9990003957115
Kategorie: Česká a světová literatura • Historické romány • Světová literatura • Napětí, dobrodružství • Klasická literatura
Anotace: Continuing the story told in the classic ‘The Prince of Thieves,’ ‘Robin Hood the Outlaw’ picks up where the first book left off. Maid Marian and the Merrie Men are all present, but readers hoping that Robin has time to put down his bow and relax will be sorely disappointed. Instead, he must consider his loyalty to King Richard, while keeping one step ahead of the Sherriff of Nottingham. Throw a dastardly betrayal into the mix and you’ve got all the ingredients for a rollicking read, packed with historical detail and heroic swordplay. Alexandre Dumas (1802 – 1870) was one of the most popular French authors and playwrights of the 19th Century. After the death of his father, Dumas travelled to Paris where he eventually decided to work in the…

Alexander Dumas ml.: The Regent\'s Daughter. Klikněte pro více informací.

6. The Regent\'s Daughter
Alexander Dumas ml.

Nakladatel: Saga Egmont
Rozsah: 192 stran
EAN: 9990003956385
Kategorie: Česká a světová literatura • Historické romány • Světová literatura
Anotace: Alexandre Dumas was a French writer, best known for his numerous historical novels of high adventure which have made him one of the most widely read French authors in the world. Many of his novels, including The Count of Monte Cristo (1845), The Three Musketeers (1844), and The Man in the Iron Mask (1848) were serialized, and he also wrote plays and magazine articles and was a prolific correspondent. Though best known now as a novelist, He earned his first fame as a dramatist. His Henri III et sa Cour (1829) was the first of the great Romantic historical dramas produced on the Paris stage, preceding Victor Hugo\’s more famous Hernani (1830). He was also a wellknown travel writer, writing such books as From Paris to Cadiz (1847), and Travel…

Alexander Dumas ml.: The War of Women II. Klikněte pro více informací.

7. The War of Women II
Alexander Dumas ml.

Nakladatel: Saga Egmont
Rozsah: 146 stran
EAN: 9990003957092
Kategorie: Česká a světová literatura • Romantika, erotika • Romantika • Historické romány • Světová literatura
Anotace: \’The War of Women II\’ follows the continuing rivalry between Nanon de Lartigues and Viscountess de Cambes, who have both fallen in love with the Baron de Canolles. Unlike many of his other works, this book and its predecessor focus their attention on the two women, casting the male characters in secondary roles. Set in 17th century France, the political unrest has deepened, and chaos threatens the monarchy. However, Baron de Canolles has more pressing matters on his mind. A boisterous romp, packed with twists and turns, dastardly villains, and historical detail, this is a must for fans of Dumas\’ swashbuckling stories.

Alexander Dumas ml.: Captain Pamphile. Klikněte pro více informací.

8. Captain Pamphile
Alexander Dumas ml.

Nakladatel: Saga Egmont
Rozsah: 93 stran
EAN: 9990003957412
Kategorie: Česká a světová literatura • Napětí, dobrodružství • Světová literatura • Historické romány
Anotace: The Captain Pamphile of the title is one of Dumas\’ most intriguing creations. An anti-hero, the Captain is a rogue and a swindler who decides to exploit the demand for exotic animals that was prevalent in the early 19th century. However, Pamphile\’s methods are unconventional, to say the least. If you like your adventures on the high seas served up with betrayal, intrigue, mutiny, and a liberal dose of sardonic humour, then this is the book for you. A satirical tale with a twist, \’Captain Pamphile\’ is the perfect read for fans of seafaring adventures.

Alexander Dumas ml.: Ali Pacha. Klikněte pro více informací.

9. Ali Pacha
Alexander Dumas ml.

Nakladatel: Saga Egmont
Rozsah: 10 stran
EAN: 9990003952936
Kategorie: Česká a světová literatura • Historické romány • Světová literatura
Anotace: Bloodthirsty tyrant or brilliant statesman? Alexandre Dumas explores the complicated legacy of Ali Pacha in this fictionalised biography. A leader under the Ottoman Empire, Pasha ruled over a large portion of Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries. There\’s no doubt he was politically astute—he maintained his power by signing alliances with both Napoleon and the British. But Pasha\’s not part of Dumas\’ \"Celebrated Crimes\" series for nothing. His brutality was legendary, and his reign was marked by numerous atrocities. Dumas reckons with these complexities in the enthralling \"Ali Pacha\". It\’s a must read for Dumas fans and history buffs alike.

Alexander Dumas ml.: Chicot the Jester. Klikněte pro více informací.

10. Chicot the Jester
Alexander Dumas ml.

Nakladatel: Saga Egmont
Rozsah: 10 stran
EAN: 9990003952905
Kategorie: Česká a světová literatura • Historické romány • Napětí, dobrodružství • Světová literatura
Anotace: Every King needs a wily advisor. For Henry III of France, it\’s Chicot the Jester. Quick witted and a pro at manipulation, Chicot must use all his skills to keep the King (and himself) at the top. The second of Dumas\’ \"Valois Romances\", this novel continues the saga of the powerful Valois dynasty. Intertwined with Chicot\’s story is that of Bussy d\’Amboise, a gentleman who has fallen for a married woman. With these parallel plotlines, Dumas offer up plenty of cliffhangers, political skullduggery, and secret assignations. \"Chicot the Jester\" is a great read for fans of courtly intrigue, such as Netlix\’s \"The Crown\" or Hilary Mantel\’s \"Wolf Hall\" trilogy.



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