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Bylo nalezeno 1346 titulů. Seřazeno podle normalizovaného hodnocení sestupně. Pokud si chcete některou z uvedených e-knih vypůjčit, klikněte na její název. Na další stránce naleznete odkazy do katalogů zapojených knihoven.

Anna Grue: Death at the Spa. Klikněte pro více informací.

1161. Death at the Spa
Anna Grue

Nakladatel: Saga Egmont
Rozsah: 304 stran
EAN: 9990003838506
Kategorie: Severské krimi • Krimi, detektivky
Anotace: Death is best served... pampered? When a woman is brutally murdered at a luxury spa resort, it’s the retiree Anne-Maj Mortensen who stumbles upon the body. Despite being slowed down by a recent knee operation, she takes matters into her own hands and launches her own investigation, much to the dismay of the local police. But when another murder is committed, Mrs Mortensen can’t help be be drawn further into the cast. Can she solve the mystery and outsmart the killer before they strike again? "Death at the Spa" is the second instalment in Anne Grue’s best-selling series about crimebusting Mrs Mortensen. Fans of Richard Osman’s "The Thursday Murder Club" will love getting to know the Danish Miss Marple!-.

Anna Ihrén: The Ice Fisher. Klikněte pro více informací.

1162. The Ice Fisher
Anna Ihrén

Nakladatel: Saga Egmont
Rozsah: 250 stran
EAN: 9990003838650
Kategorie: Krimi, detektivky • Světové krimi
Anotace: Frigid waters, frozen clues and one fatal crime. When the research vessel "Idun" arrives in Smögen’s harbour one early winter morning, the head of research, Kaj Malmberg, is found dead in his cabin. Drawn into this murder investigation that puts their cooperation and important relationships across national borders at risk, Dennis Wilhelmson and Sandra Haraldsson race to solve a crime that threatens to shake the research elite. But is the killer in Smögen, or is he still on board the "Idun"? And could an event during the icy winters of the Second World War have a bearing on the case?"The Ice Fisher" is the exciting continuation of the "Murders on Smögen" series and the sequel to "The Man on the Beach".-.

Anna Grue: The Mystery at the Second-Hand Shop. Klikněte pro více informací.

1163. The Mystery at the Second-Hand Shop
Anna Grue

Nakladatel: Saga Egmont
Rozsah: 304 stran
EAN: 9990003838513
Kategorie: Krimi, detektivky • Severské krimi
Anotace: In a quiet provincial Danish town, something is afoot. The volunteers of the local second-hand shop keep dying. Since they’re all OAP’s, the police can’t see the problem. It’s the inevitable – if unfortunate – circle of life. However, resident busy-body, and force-to-be-reckoned-with, Anne-Maj Mortensen is not so sure. She may be newly retired herself, but she still has her wits about her and knows when something needs a little investigating... Scandi crime, but not as you’ve ever seen it before. The ’Danish Miss Marple’ will thrill fans of Richard Osman’s ’The Thursday Murder Club’ and Anthony Horowitz’ ’Hawthorne’ series. -.

Hana Militká: Neznámý. Klikněte pro více informací.

1164. Neznámý
Hana Militká

Nakladatel: E-knihy jedou
Rozsah: 158 stran
EAN: 9990003882974
Kategorie: Krimi, detektivky • České krimi
Anotace: Spisovatelka Hana Militká přináší další detektivní román ze série SID, tentokrát s názvem Neznámý.

Anna Ihrén: The Man on the Beach. Klikněte pro více informací.

1165. The Man on the Beach
Anna Ihrén

Nakladatel: Saga Egmont
Rozsah: 414 stran
EAN: 9990003838667
Kategorie: Krimi, detektivky • Světové krimi
Anotace: Trying to process a life crisis Gothenburg policeman, Dennis Wilhelmson, decides to take a trip to his quiet childhood island, Smögen. Dennis is looking forward to enjoying some peaceful days at the small town island, where nothing really ever happens... or so he thought. Everything changes when the body of a young man is found in the habour basin and an old friend of his is missing without a trace. Dennis is now involuntarily thrown in to the biggest murder investigation the area has ever seen.Enter Sandra Haraldsson, a young ambitious and very straight forward police aspirant. This was definitely not the calm and harmonious summer Dennis had been planning for himself to recover. But can Sandra heal his heart while they take on the investigation?The Man…

Cecilia Sahlström: Without a Trace: A Sara Vallén Thriller. Klikněte pro více informací.

1166. Without a Trace: A Sara Vallén Thriller
Cecilia Sahlström

Nakladatel: Saga Egmont
Rozsah: 349 stran
EAN: 9990003881885
Kategorie: Thrillery, horory • Thrillery • Krimi, detektivky
Anotace: Chief Inspector Sara Vallén receives a tip that could help solve a 20-year-old cold case about a two-year-old boy who disappeared from his preschool without a trace. Meanwhile, Saras daughters Klara and Bella are being harassed by a group of young Nazi sympathisers for starting a student association supporting unaccompanied refugee youths. One of these youths, Reza, is found dead in Höje with a swastika carved into his forehead. A hunt for the killer begins while Vallén and her colleague, Torsten Venngren, follow up on the new lead on the missing toddler. A dark, fast-paced, crime thriller with a finger on the pulse of todays social climate, "Without a Trace" is the exciting third instalment to the Sara Vallén series. -.
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Anna Ihrén: The Lighthouse Keeper. Klikněte pro více informací.

1167. The Lighthouse Keeper
Anna Ihrén

Nakladatel: Saga Egmont
Rozsah: 220 stran
EAN: 9990003881861
Kategorie: Krimi, detektivky • Světové krimi
Anotace: Darkness descends over Sotenas...When the daughter of an American ambassador is found lifeless in the famous marble pool on the small island of Hallo, the case lands on Sandra Haraldsson and Dennis Wilhelmson’s desks. Garnering enormous attention from the public, not least from the White House, the duo is soon led to an old lighthouse on Hallo: a lighthouse with plentiful of secrets... "The Lighthouse Keeper" is the fourth book in "The Smogen Murders" series.-.
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Lone Theilsová: 87 Seconds. Klikněte pro více informací.

1168. 87 Seconds
Lone Theilsová

Nakladatel: Saga Egmont
Rozsah: 124 stran
EAN: 9990003881892
Kategorie: Krimi, detektivky • Světové krimi
Anotace: You have 87 seconds to save yourself from drowning. Can you? A young woman in a strapless blue summer dress lies on the cobblestones next to the canal. With her eyes half open, it looks like shes had one too many Bacardi Breezers and is going to wake up with a killer hangover. Except she wont wake up ever again... and her lifeless body has been pulled from Christianshavn canal, right in the centre of Copenhagen. Investigator Georg Guldmann watches with dismay as the zip of the bodybag is pulled close. As the last teeth of the zip catch, he realises something that feels out of place – a fiery red burn mark spreading across the victims right underarm. It doesnt take long for this observation to reveal two things: one, this isnt a drunken mistake, this is…
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Frances Hodgson Burnett: T. Tembarom. Klikněte pro více informací.

1169. T. Tembarom
Frances Hodgson Burnett

Nakladatel: Saga Egmont
Rozsah: 488 stran
EAN: 9990003835246
Kategorie: Česká a světová literatura • Historické romány • Krimi, detektivky • Světová literatura
Anotace: Who hasn’t dreamt of discovering that they’re the secret heir to a great fortune? Temple Barholm, or simply T. Tembarom for short, never did. As an orphan growing up on the mean streets of early 20th century New York City he simply can’t afford such foolish notions. Needless to say it comes as an unexpected surprise when Tembarom turns out to be the long forgotten heir to an old family fortune and must make the journey over to England, where unimaginable wealth - and a murder mystery – awaits him. Frances Burnett is the author of ’T. Tembarom’, and by her own admission, the story is inspired by one of her more famous works, ’Little Lord Fauntleroy’. This classic rags to riches story is Oliver Twist meets Richie Rich, with a murder mystery…

Wilkie Collins: The Law and the Lady. Klikněte pro více informací.

1170. The Law and the Lady
Wilkie Collins

Nakladatel: Saga Egmont
Rozsah: 427 stran
EAN: 9990003836595
Kategorie: Česká a světová literatura • Světová literatura • Krimi, detektivky • Klasická literatura • Historické romány
Anotace: The Law and the Lady builds on that tradition by introducing one of English literature’s earliest women detectives, Valeria Woodville, who investigates the murder of her husband’s first wife in the attempt to prove him guiltless.



1161 – 1170 / 1346


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